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Meditate Everyday in May

M E D I T A T E Make your world brighter, your mind sharper, boost your immunity and improve your memory. Boost your self-confidence, your compassion and increase your productivity. Wait what?! Yep. There’s more, meditation decreases chances of developing brain dysfunction, increases our ability to require our neural pathways towards positivity and can help us ultilise WAY more of our brain. Convinced yet? . We are holding a Meditation Challenge to help motivate you yogis to go beyond the mat and out of your minds for a month. We’ll be giving tips, a focus for each day, and some useful info about this super amazing part of the yoga practice. . Want to join and be in the running for 🙏 a one FULL year subscription to @asanasforyou online manual and yoga sequencing app. (It’s amaze trust us) 🙏 AND .. $200 off a @yogakoh_ event in Bali during 2019 - teacher trainings or retreats! . To join: Follow @yogakoh_ and @asanasforyouand do one post every 10 days, speaking about your experience. Make sure your posts tag @yogakoh_and @asanasforyou with #meditationmayYK . If you need the motivation to commit to this practice why not start now? Have a look, see how it makes you feel. And if it’s been a waste of your time, well... let’s just say it NEVER could be.. Slow down. Take a moment, and commit to making your mind a better place to be. . Remember you don’t need a shrine, a mat, or even a quiet place to meditate. Although the latter helps. Find a comfortable seated position and for today’s first challenge. Simply time yourself for three minutes. . Repeat the following mantra in your mind as you notice your thoughts come and go. . “You are free, you are powerful, you are good, you are love, you have value, you have a purpose, all is well.” Continue this repetition slowly with the natural rhythm of your breath in the background. . Don’t worry about trying to control or stop your thoughts. It’s almost impossible. Rather let them be, watch them fade and replace them with the focus on this mantra. . Just 3 minutes! You can do it. Make May more mindful for us all. .

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