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Advance your knowledge with YogaKoh's 300hr Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Our 300hr is designed for you to take a deeper dive into specific areas of interest to further educate and inform the teacher that you want to develop into, and lead with confidence as you embark into the next stage of your teaching. We believe the role of a well educated and passionate yoga teacher can make a large impact on the overall health, and wellness of our communities.


We are often asked 'what is the major difference between a 200hr and 300hr training?' We like to use the reference of Undergrad vs Graduate program. The 200hr is your overall general education that gave you all the foundational tools to begin your teaching journey, where your 300hr is there to up skill and refine your knowledge.

The journey of learning is one that takes time, commitment, and discipline, therefore we offer a few different the formats for our 300hr program, as we know everyone's needs are different. You can choose between the residential format, which happens over 1 month, or the modular format which allows you to build toward your certification through a combination of in-person immersions and on-line modules that you are able to do at your own pace.

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Next Available Trainings

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300hr Residential Yoga Teacher Training, New Zealand

Oct 6th - Nov 3rd 2024

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SUP Yoga Teacher Training

February 18 + 19, 2024




During the YogaKoh 300hr Yoga Teacher Training, you can expect to gain a deeper understanding of an array of valuable topics that will help you deepen your voice and develop your confidence. 

Each individual course has its own unique content, teaching team, curriculum, and cost associated,

and once completed will move you toward receiving your 300hr Certification.


If you are only looking to up-skill your teaching and not work toward a 300hr certification, 

you can add any of our immersions / modules toward Continuing Education hours.


Our courses will be offered through residential trainings, on-line modules and in-person immersions. New programs and

available dates are released often, so continue to check in with our Program List

The teaching team for each course is made up of dedicated professionals within the field,

sharing their specialized knowledge in an approachable and integrative way. 

So How Do You Get Started?



  • A 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from a Yoga Alliance certified school

  • Completion of the required training hours, and assignments for each program. 

  • Completion of any assigned independent study homework 

  • If you would like to join an individual program for Continuing Education or general interest you will only need to apply to that specific course.



  • You need to fill out a one time application and complete an interview to be accepted into any of our 300hr Programs.

  • We carefully select our applicants so that we can work closely with our teachers to guarantee a higher level of proficiency. 

  • Please fill out and submit your application online.




  • Look through our program list, and decide what courses are right for you.



Program List
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Stand Up Paddle Board YTT, Perth, WA

February 18 + 19, 2024

85hr Prenatal Training - Online

Nov 8th - 24th, 2024

30hr Ancestral Wisdom and Herbal Medicine - Online

Learn More

50hr YIN Module

More Info Soon

More Info
30hr Online Sanskrit and Mantra Module

More Info Soon 

More Info


YogaKoh’s 300hr Yoga Teacher Training continues to meet and raise the bar to industry standards offering a world class curriculum. Our program incorporates all requirements set forth by Yoga Alliance. 


Our courses can be completed in any order. This training is designed to allow you to pursue your certification at your convenience, allowing you to participate in a residential training, or take your time joining courses that add to 300hrs over time.


The Core Curriculum for our 300hr Training is -> Read Here


Topics and areas of focus will fall within the following Education Categories:

  • Techniques, Training and Practice

  • Teaching Methodology

  • Anatomy and Physiology

  • Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers

  • Practicum


We hope our modules and immersions will cover a variety of topics and interests that speaks to the diversity of our community. It is YogaKoh's mission to continue to offer relevant, informative, and educational experiences. Be it on-line or in-person we guarantee a commitment to excellence from our faculty and beyond. 

All topics to be available by 2024

  • 30hr on-line Mobility Module 

  • 50hr Advance Training Retreat

  • 30hr Ancestral Wisdom

  • 30hr Inversions 2.0 immersion

  • 50hr YIN immersion

  • 30hr Applied Philosophy Module

  • 30hr  Sanskrit and Mantra Module

  • 30hr Meditation Immersion

  • 50hr Yoga and Neurology

  • 50hr Business Development in Yoga


Requirements to receive a certification of completion:

  • Full completion and passing of each course.

  • Completion of  of course content.

  • Completion of of independent study.

  • Completion of all assignments and submitting them on time. 

·Pre Requisites for the course:

  • A 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate from a Yoga Alliance certified school 

  • Completion of a one time application and interview with lead teacher to be admitted into the 300hr program

  • Attain the required readings for each individual course 

  • Complete any Pre- Training Requirements

*Please note that YogaKoh has the right to amend course content, program, add or delete teachers and or facilities without prior knowledge. 

*We REQUIRE travel insurance when coming to our in person immersions.

Payment Terms and Conditions:

Payments are separate for each course and the details for that payment can be found in further detail in each course description. 

For ALL in-person courses Payment is due as follows:


  • 500USD (strict, non refundable) to hold spot 

  • Final payment due a minimum of 30 days prior to course start date

  • If payment is late, the spot will not be held.

For ALL on-line courses Payment is due as follows:

  • Full payment upon registration

Refund policies for in person immersions:

  • The applicant has carefully considered his/her ability to attend the event and understands that as soon as the deposit is made, YK will use the deposit to secure travel, lodging, meals, supervision and incidental expenses.  Accordingly, the deposit is non-refundable, and applicant hereby waives any right to a refund of the deposit.

  • If canceled up to 30 days before: 70% of the amount paid to date (beside non-refundable deposit)
    is refundable

  • If canceled under 30 days before: 50% refund of the amount paid to date (beside non-refundable deposit) is refundable

  • No refunds for cancellations after 14 days prior to the start of the course.

Refund policies for on-line courses:

  • No refunds, but funds will be transferrable to another available course

Cancellation policies for in person and on-line courses:

  • YogaKoh reserves the right to cancel or postpone the scheduled Yoga Teacher Training.

  • In the unlikely event that this occurs:

  • For a cancellation a full refund of the amount paid, including the deposit, will be returned to the client.

  • Please note that YogaKoh will return the exact amount they received in USD, and are not responsible for the difference in exchange rates or bank fees from the initial deposit.

  • For a postponement a full refund of the amount paid, (except the non-refundable deposit), will be returned to the client, the deposit will be transferable to the next available event the client can attend, and honored without expiry.

  • YogaKoh will not be responsible for refunds associated with flights, or any other personal costs toward the event.

  • ** We recommend trip / travel insurance to cover any potential disruptions.


Payment methods for in in-person immersions:

Bank transfer (fees included)

  • Credit card (with 3% charge)

  • Check for US address holders 

  • Please let us know your preferred payment method and we will give you the details.

Payment methods for on-line courses

  • We use the platform stripe which will accept payment through any major CC

The Course Fee Includes:

listed inclusions, all training manuals, exams and certification.

The Course Fee does NOT include:

Airfare, required pre-reading or digital subscription, transportation or activities outside of course date.

- CONDITIONS for in-person trainings:

We follow the health recommendations of the CDC and WHO and will stay up to date and act according to their recommendations.


We welcome both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons to our events, but students will need to follow the requirements of the country the course is being held in. 


YogaKoh is not responsible for any lost costs associated with travel or with COVID requirements.

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