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LEVEL UP - 30hr Mobility and Movement Yoga Teacher Intensive - May 18-23rd in Bali Indonesia

It’s no secret that the world of yoga is rapidly changing. Biomechanics are dispelling a number of beliefs yoga teachers have long had about postural alignment. And an increasing number of alignment cues are proving to be outdated.

I’m sure you’ve been told at one point or another not to bend the knee past the ankle -- but why? Does it really injure the knee? Is there a way to bend the knee past the ankle that would prove not only safe, but beneficial?

In this 30-hour programme you will learn how to break the rules of yoga alignment, liberate yourself from repetitive movement patterns, and uncover your body’s natural intelligence.

You’ll use a range of techniques and modalities to challenge your mobility, balance, strength, skill, and adaptability. You'll discover a greater potential, while increasing your embodied awareness.

There will be labs on cue refinement, using props to fortify your joints and enhance your practice, and exercises where you will integrate unconventional asana movements into your sequencing. You’ll even discover why bending the knee past the ankle is a great thing after all!

Your comfort zone will be challenged. You will experience how different movement patterns support a strong and stable asana practice. And by the end of it, you’ll understand how you and your students can move well.

For more info or to apply head to:

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