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Intermediate Vinyasa Sequence - Compass Pose

Join this at home yoga practice, and learn how to sequence toward Peak Pose, Parivrtta Surya Yantrasana (Compass Pose). This intermediate Vinyasa Flow practice is one designed from the online sequencing platform Asanas For You and shown to you by YogaKoh Teacher Aurelie Poles.

Asanas For You allows Yoga Teachers, and Yoga Enthusiasts to design professional yoga classes with minimal effort. It was designed and built for Yoga Teacher, by Yoga Teachers. Prepare engaging, challenging and safe classes for your students in a short amount of time!

This sequence is considered to be one of our Intermediate Classes and is sped up to enable you to see the entire sequence. We suggest you practice with more length between transitions and maybe even repeating the standing section twice on both Right and Left side.

YogaKoh uses Asanas For You on our Yoga Teacher Trainings to help newer teachers study and observe different sequencing options and combinations. We are passionate about helping people fall in love with the creative process of sequencing without losing integrity or compromising safety.

We hope you enjoy.

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