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If there is one thing we could pin point as a major inhibitor to not only the asana practice but any sort of physical performance it is - > wrist strength and mobility.

Having good wrist and hand strength is a marker for overall muscle strength. In athletes, it's important to have a strong grip to improve athletic performance and to help prevent injuries, but it's just as important in daily life.

Our wrists are one of the most complex joints in our bodies, and we use them for an incredible variety of tasks throughout the day. Muscles within your forearm cross the wrist joint and give you the ability to keep your wrist stable during loading, or to perform controlled movements in multiple directions to manipulate objects with your hands.

Whether you spend time on a computer, stabilizing machinery, in Downward Dog or gripping onto a rock climbing wall, strength and mobility are necessary components for keeping your wrists functioning without discomfort and for preventing injury.

But what can you do when wrist pain, stiffness, or muscle tension prevents you from tolerating specific positions and movements?

Below are some videos that focus on different strength and mobility concepts when training your wrists, so you can get back to performing activities that are important to you, or progressing in your practice.

Video provided by: Whole Body Health and Physical Therapy our of Oregon USA:

Give them a try! and practice on :)

- YogaKoh

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