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'A Success Story' - Insight from a Yoga Teacher Training Graduate: Charlotte De Wouters

Embarking on a journey into the world of teaching yoga is an experience like no other. At YogaKoh, we thrive on the stories of our graduates, their transformative journeys, and how our teacher training programs have equipped them for the profound steps ahead.

We will highlight stories of empowerment, growth, and readiness as our alumni share how their time with YogaKoh laid the foundation for their teaching path and beyond.

First up - Charlotte De Wouters - A graduate from the 'Sea To Sky' 200hr Dual Location YTT in Bali in Nov / Dec of 2022. She has been a pinnacle of inspiration as she immediately embraced teaching as well as continuing her education.

Charlotte's Words ->

In 2022, Yoga Koh helped me to fulfill my dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Undertaking

200 hours of training from such informed, talented, caring an inspiring teachers was the best

decision I have ever made. 

From the start of the program, the teachers took a hands-on, holistic approach to

ensuring we were learning to the best of our abilities. They provided authenticity and

passion, using their knowledge and experience to share the art of teaching, as well as the

philosophy of yoga. They took care in teaching us how to incorporate the magic of this

ancient practice into our daily lives beyond the asanas. 

We were provided with a detailed pre-reading list, as well as two comprehensive and well-

structured manuals. All the materials provided were designed to cover a wide range of

aspects relating to what becoming a yoga teacher truly implies.

The course was designed to provide specific, actionable knowledge to improving my

understanding of anatomy, posture alignment, specific cues, yoga philosophy, meditation and

pranayama skills techniques. This precious information has been so deeply imprinted on me

that I take it with me in to improve all parts of my life.

Additionally, practicing our teaching skills every day, alongside receiving constructive and

encouraging weekly feedback ensured a tailored, individual approach, spearheaded by our

lead teacher.

This training has truly helped me find my own, personal voice as a yoga teacher. When I

graduated, I immediately felt confident and capable in embracing my new teaching role,

enabling me to run yoga classes in multiple retreats all over the world. 

In just two years, I have had the opportunity to teach yoga classes to a large diversity of

students, from absolute beginners to advanced practitioners.

At the start of the year, I continued with my 300 hours yoga teacher training in India. This

experience further highlighted how well prepared I had been by my initial training, which laid

strong foundations for this advanced vinyasa flow YTT.

Despite interesting content, the lessons received in India did not hold the same tailored,

structured approach as that of Yoga Koh. I often found myself delving back into the material

from my first training to provide clarity when struggling to grasp more abstract concepts.

I was regularly complimented on my knowledge of alignments in posture labs, as well as the

high quality of my cueing in students teachings. I feel incredibly privileged to have these

comprehensive tools under my belt. 

Finally, this training allowed me to realize the extent of the impact of my first training, and

how essential these strong foundations are for continuing my learning journey as a teacher. I

couldn’t be more grateful for this invaluable gift !

and now a full circle moment that I am able to come back and assist the same training that left such an impact on my life and yoga journey.

yogakoh yoga teacher training bali
Charlotte De Wouters YogaKoh

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