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YogaKoh Experience: FAQs Answered!

Updated: Mar 6

Written by: Riley Tarnol

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Navigating which YogaKoh experience is right for you can be tricky! Here are the answers to all of your best frequently asked questions (FAQs).

With YogaKoh’s core values of curiosity, learning, and growth, we are continuously impressed by your beautiful minds and the many questions we receive about our events. This post is meant to foster our Koh-mmunity of question-askers and experience-seekers, please feel free to connect with us if other thoughts come to you. We are here to listen – keep reading to get the rundown on all your burning questions!

YogaKoh FAQs

1 – Do I have to have a really advanced practice to join a course?

Not at all! In our teacher trainings, we see a wide range of abilities across our students: some who have been practicing for twenty years and some who are fresh to the wellness community! Although previous experience may be useful, it does not matter how long you can hold a handstand or how advanced your breath practice might be. Our goal is to bring together people who want to be immersed in the world of Yoga, and anyone who has a deep passion for learning and expanding their practice is someone who we kindly welcome into our Koh-mmunity.

YogaKoh Bali Yoga Teacher Training

YogaKoh New Zealand Yoga Teacher Training

2 – What do I need to do to prepare for the YTT?

Keep attending classes! Making sure to be consistent in your practice, while being kind to yourself and not overworking your body, is the best way you can prepare for one of our teacher trainings. In your classes, be conscious of your teacher’s method in conducting the room. Look around! What is happening? What is contributing to the experience? What do you enjoy? Try to begin to think about your class from a new perspective, and be sure to journal your discoveries so you have notes and questions to bring with you. Every teacher will have something uniquely valuable to teach you so taking classes outside your 'norm' can be very insightful. Lastly – don’t forget to eat, drink water, and get enough sleep. Come to the training energized and ready to take on the month.

YogaKoh Journaling

3 – What age are the students in the course?

One of the most beautiful features of our training is the myriad of students that come together to form our community. We have hosted people of every age, and from all different walks of life. The youngest being 17 and the oldest 65. However the majority of students are between 25 - 45. Our unique blend of students creates an environment where you not only will learn from our teachers, but your fellow trainees as well. This is the true benefit of hosting our international experiences: a rich variety of life experience and an endless cycle of learning.

YogaKoh New Zealand YTT Graduation Dinner

4 – What types of jobs are attainable for me after completing this YTT? 

Embarking on a YTT with YogaKoh will be a rewarding experience for both your spiritual and professional self. Our teachers will equip you with a variety of dynamic skills that can be applied to more than just conducting standard yoga class. We care deeply about our students’ futures and diligently prepare you to adapt to any setting or career you may find yourself in. For us, this is not only a lifestyle but also a career path, and we want to show our students the potential that awaits. Here are a few jobs our Koh-mmunity alumni have explored:

  • Studio-based Teaching: the most traditional path of working for an already established studio in your desired area

  • Online Teaching: a bit more of an entrepreneurial approach where you not only create the class, but are also responsible for promoting, uploading, and managing this platform.

  • Private Teaching: similar to Online as a business route, where you must acquire your own clientele and organize all logistics.

  • Travel Teaching: if you are someone who is more nomadic and searching for teaching jobs that allow for travel, there are many opportunities through different hotels, retreat centers, or even becoming the personal yoga teacher for a family, resort, boat, etc. 

  • Corporate Wellness: many large corporate offices and firms invest in wellness modalities for their employees to promote a healthy work environment. 

  • Wellness Consulting: using your extensive knowledge of the field, you advise other individuals, families, or companies on how to better their lifestyles

YogaKoh New York

5 – What locations are known to have great opportunities for yoga teachers?  

Over the past 20 years, yoga has transformed into a highly respected practice that is valued by most countries around the world. This is great news for you, a newly educated teacher, because anywhere you go, there will be yoga opportunities waiting. In major cities globally, there will be more studios to reach out to – but this could mean a bit more competition. Whereas in rural areas and places where yoga is not so prominent, you could introduce a whole new community to the practice. If you are looking to move around more, countries in Southeast Asia and Central America are known to have wonderful opportunities to thrive in the wellness industry while also traveling and experiencing the outdoors. The most important thing to remember is the world is your oyster!

YogaKoh Bali

6 – What are the core differences between a 200hr and 300hr YTT?

To explain the differences, we often use the reference of an undergrad vs graduate program. Our 200hr YTT is general education, giving you the foundational tools you need to begin your teaching journey. Where our 200hr program differs from other schools is our focus on philosophy, diving deep into the entire Sutra text, as this is a huge piece in truly understanding how the practice integrates into your daily life. Our 300hr YTT is there to perfect your skill, refine your knowledge and build on the next steps of your career. It is designed for you to take a deeper dive into specific areas of interest to further educate and inform the teacher that you want to develop into, and lead with confidence and authenticity as you embark into the next stage of your teaching. Be sure to check out our 300hr YTT page to learn more about specific requirements!

200hr YTT features:

  • Asana alignment (80+ asanas!)

  • Anatomy + Physiology

  • Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra, Kriya

  • Energetics 

  • Philosophy

  • History

  • Theory

  • Teaching methods

  • Sequencing

  • Practice teachings, Sadhana

  • Business of yoga

  • Specialty Topics: Prenatal, Ayurveda, Acro, Thai massage (teacher dependent)

300hr YTT features: reserved for people who have already received their 200hr Certification

Students can expect a focused exploration into the below categories.

Please visit the full subject list here: 300hr Curriculum

  • Philosophy, Ethics, Teaching Methodology

  • Ayurveda, Systemic Anatomy, Trauma Informed Teaching

  • Asana Development, Sequencing, Applied Anatomy

  • Business of Yoga / Career Development

  • Independent Study / Final Project / Practicum Choose your format

  • Residential format – 1 month

  • Modular format – build toward your certification through a combination of in-person immersions and on-line modules 

YogaKoh 300hr

YogaKoh 200hr

7 – What happens if I don't pass the course?

If for any reason you are unable to meet our certification requirements, don’t panic! This is simply an indication that you might need a bit more time before you step into teaching! We are dedicated to continuing to work with you and preparing you to become the best teacher you can possibly be. At this point, we would connect with you after the YTT to continue a correspondence program. Which is revisiting aspects of the training that were a challenge for you, and continue to provide support and guidance until you feel fully confident in those areas. Becoming an authentic yoga teacher takes deep commitment, discipline, and passion, so don’t give up – you will get there!

We welcome you to reach out to us on social media or shoot us an email with any other questions that come to mind, we’d love to connect with you!

- YogaKoh

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