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Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Teacher Training

 February 18+19 Perth,WA 

May 18+19 Hossegor,France 

Join YogaKoh for the opportunity to become a certified Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Teacher this year in Western Australia.

Successful completion of this qualification will give you the confidence to teach SUP Yoga classes on any water surface, ocean, swimming pool, river, lake etc SUP Yoga is classed as a Surface Water Sport.

This qualification provides the necessary knowledge and skills for the safe facilitation of SUP Yoga practices. This certification will be recognized as Continuing Education Hours through Yoga Alliance as well as count toward YogaKoh's 300hr track.

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The Program

The SUP Yoga program is delivered over 2 days, from 9am until 5:30pm. Participants are required to attend 100% of the course in order to be recognized for assessment. 


This SUP Yoga program qualifies for 20 hours Continuing Education hours with the Yoga Alliance. Program delivery and assessment is undertaken by qualified trainers in training and assessing and certified as SUP Yoga trainers. This training program is accredited by the ISYA International SUP Yoga Academy, the accreditation body for SUP Yoga instructors.


The training will be held two different times throughout WA before the end of the year. Geraldton, or Perth.

The Program curriculum comprises both elements of theory and practice. The Practical sessions are both on the water and on land. The theory modules utilizes a printed manual. SUP equipment is also used on water and on land for simulation and assessment. There will be 1:1 feedback on individual progress as well as group learning sessions and an Individual competence assessment


Entrance requirements:


200hrs Yoga teacher certificate

(This course follows our 'Sea To Sky' 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in Bali if obtaining a 200hr certification is also on your radar)

Competent swimmer able to swim at least 50 meters unaided

(First aid certificate + Water rescue are recommended, but not mandatory)



Module 1 (Day 1)

  • Develop knowledge of the sport and the water sport industry

  • Develop knowledge on SUP Yoga equipment including anchoring systems

  • Learn SUP Yoga safety protocol and emergency response

  • Operate a SUP- learn SUP techniques and maneuvers

Module 2 (Day 2)

  • Applying the Yamas and Nyamas to SUP Yoga

  • Develop own business strategy

  • Apply alignment principles during SUP Yoga practice

  • Develop practical SUP Yoga skills

  • Apply Duty of care of the SUP Yoga teacher

  • Learn basic SUP Yoga poses on a SUP

  • Modify Yoga poses on a SUP

  • Guide meditation and mantras during a SUP Yoga class

  • Identifying student skill set and modify class as necessary

  • Photo analysis for feedback and progression


  • Organize and complete a SUP Yoga class

  • Develop a SUP Yoga sequence

  • Perform basic SUP maneuvers

  • Teach part of a SUP Yoga class

  • Show competence in instructing basic SUP Yoga poses

  • Demonstrate safety awareness

Image by Nathan Hurst


  • SUP Yoga equipment

  • Safety considerations

  • Weather considerations

  • SUP Yoga anchoring systems

  • Setting up a SUP Yoga class

  • Benefits of SUP Yoga

  • The business of SUP Yoga

  • SUP Yoga in different water locations

  • Preparing students for class

  • Ahimsa and how it relates to SUP Yoga

  • Paddling techniques

  • Learn and practice which asanas work best on a SUP

  • SUP Yoga postures how to modify asanas 

  • learn and practice different mantras and meditations for SUP Yoga

  • building an effective SUP Yoga sequence

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One time payment of


$480 USD

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Chantal Crinquand

Chantal's love of Yoga and the ocean has brought her to a natural path of fusing Stand Up Paddleboard and Yoga, focusing on mindfulness of the ocean and its therapeutic benefits. She facilitate SUP Yoga teacher trainings internationally in English and French. A SUP instructor, SUP Yoga instructor and trainer, Chantal spends most of her time teaching SUP Yoga classes and running SUP Yoga trainings between Australia and France.


With a strong background in training and assessing  Chantal has been facilitating SUP Yoga instructor trainings in Australia, South East Asia and Europe for the past 8 years. Chantal is the founder of the International SUP Yoga Academy, the governing body for SUP Yoga practices worldwide, sharing her knowledge and skills with the SUP Yoga community. Her SUP Yoga training programs are well regarded and recognized. internationally. 

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