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Why begin our journey in Canggu?

An attractive destination for travelers, wanderers, and yogis alike, there are a multitude of benefits in YogaKoh selecting to host the first two weeks of our 200hr yoga teacher training in Canggu, Bali. From the serene beaches and endless sunshine to the historical and intrinsic practice of yoga, Canggu embodies the philosophy of balance that YogaKoh, and the ancient practice, encourages. The deep-rooted values and overflowing kindness of the community create the perfect educational environment for our students to begin their journey in. 

As the first portion of our training comes to an end and we venture from the sea to the sky, into the city of Ubud, we express our most heartfelt appreciation for Canggu and the gifts it has offered to our learning community. Keep reading to explore what makes Canggu the prime location to host our training, and what our students have been up to in the two weeks we spent there!

temple in Canggu

The most notable aspect of Canggu is the energy of the majestic and powerful ocean, bringing life to every person and animal in the community. As the sea is often used as a visual and grounding point in yoga meditations, the location of Sehuli Wellness Retreat, just a 10-minute walk to the ocean, was more than ideal. 

After class, students often found themselves wandering to the beach to listen to the waves crash on the shore, to watch the surfers dominate the water, or to admire the surreal sunsets. Immersed in the beach town culture, our yogis were able to breathe in the ocean air, find tranquility, and connect their practice to the ebb and flow of the sea.

surfers in the ocean

Participating in a traditional Balinese cleansing and blessing ceremony upon our arrival, the spiritual energy of Canggu blooms from every inch of the city. Gorgeous and ornate temples, like Pura Batu Mejan, which overlooks Batu Balong beach (where our students went surfing!), allow for tourists and locals to experience the serenity of living seaside, in Canggu. Jaw-dropping monuments, like the Gajah Mina Statue on Pererenan Beach, which depicts a holy man riding atop a fish with a lion’s head, enhance the rich history of the Balinese culture. 

colorful statue in Canggu

As you walk around, be mindful of where you step as there are daily offerings, called Canang Sari, placed in front of every business and home each morning. Beautifully woven banana leaves form baskets to be filled with white, orange, yellow, and purple flowers, small amounts of money, and treats, and are lit with incense to offer thanks and praise. The dedication to spirituality and transcendent atmosphere of Canggu shaped the perfect environment for our student’s yoga practices to flourish. 

balinese offerings

Within Canggu, wellness culture thrives. The streets are bustling with yoga studios, fitness centers, businesses selling holistic goods, and local restaurants serving fresh choices. There is always a delicious vegetarian or vegan option to try as well. You can’t walk a block without passing by people carrying yoga mats or sipping green juices! Maintaining a well-balanced, nutritious diet throughout a yoga teacher training is essential in supporting physical and mental health. With our students served breakfast and lunch daily, the Sehuli staff were sure to keep us fueled and ready to practice!

poke bowls and fruit

As there are a plethora of studios in Bali to explore, Canggu offers a solid foundation for networking within the yoga community. Connecting with fellow yogis and taking classes from a variety of instructors, Canggu provides a unique space for our students to develop their teaching career after the completion of their 200hr YTT. For anyone looking to meet like-minded people who are interested in advancing their personal and professional practice, Canggu is the spot to be!

three yoga students in warrior 1

From the Sehuli Retreat, everything our students could possibly need was within walking distance. However, if they felt like exploring a new beach or the opposite side of town, moped drivers were available on call at all hours! Each day, beautiful butterflies and impressive kites scattered the sky, birds and bugs sang, and chatter between people of different backgrounds helped Canggu come alive.

misty beach in Canggu

With 2024 being YogaKoh’s first year in Canggu, we are so lucky to have expanded our practice into such a lively city. The elaborate temples, bountiful food, rich wellness culture, and ingrained sense of peace Canggu provides, constructs the ideal educational environment for our students to set the foundations for their educational journey to come. While we are sad to leave Canggu behind, we are ecstatic to see what Ubud has to offer to our practices!

one legged upward bow pose on beach

We invite you to connect with us on social media and join our ever-growing Koh-mmunity, and let us know: what interests you most about Canggu?

Keep practicing!

-- YogaKoh

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