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YogaKoh presents Breath and Water Bali, a bespoke women’s Surfing and Yoga Retreat hidden atop the towering limestone cliffs of beautiful Uluwatu. Our dream is to offer you a chance to lose yourself in the ocean and find yourself on your mat. To give you an insight to the most magical parts of our island home, in an all-inclusive experience you will never forget. Carefully curated for women with a passion for the waves and a love for the practice, this 6 day, 5 night eco-luxe retreat aims to combine all the best this tropical paradise has to offer. 


Breath and Water Bali has been designed specifically for female surfers of all levels and abilities. Our difference is a focus not only on the art of wave dancing, but soul searching and creating community.We want you to leave feeling apart of something bigger than yourself. With tangible skills to take away and improve your ability on your board, your mat, and in your day to day interactions.


From complete beginners to the advanced, the art of riding a wave, gives you the same transcendent experience, the same smile, and the same need for a cold coconut on the sand after a long day in the salt and sun. 


We create a safe space for you to try your hand at surfing for the first time, or look at how you can better carve your lines across the face of a green wave.Our passion is to meet you where you’re at, with a team of highly experienced instructors passionate about what they do.


Picture beautiful boutique designed accommodation, within walking distance of Green Bowl beach, one of the islands best kept secrets with a picturesque white sand cove and turquoise waters at the bottom of a sheer cliff face.


Our location is about 45 min from Denpasar airport, less than 10 minutes to Uluwatu, a few minutes walk to Pandawa beach  and a short drive to Dreamland, Padang Padang or any of the beaches that line the Bukit.


Our central location is the perfect base to explore the beauty of the Bukit peninsula, and means you can easily explore the local area in your downtime.

We’ll enjoy delicious and fresh produce designed to energise, tantalise and revitalise your system. 

Don’t worry we’re foodies at heart and know how important a good meal post-surf is. 

our location


  • Airport Pickup & Drop-off

  • 5 nights boutique accommodation

  • 4 days of SURF or FITNESS

  • Daily yoga/meditation

  • Nutritious and delicious meals 

  • One Surf-Fit session 

  • Breath Training Workshop 

  • (Apnea Basics, underwater confidence and pool training for ALL levels)

  • Photography and photo coaching



"You can still bring your non-surfing bestie on retreat. 

We’ve designed a sister program focussing on getting sweaty while the rest of our mermaids enjoy the sea.”


Instead of offering you 4 guided surf sessions, you’ll enjoy a combination of tailored Personal Training sessions on site and the option of group fitness classes down the road. 

More deets available on request. 

Prices stay the same.


Our days consist of waking up to beautiful fresh food, and hunting for the best waves, at the best times. A creative yoga practice to compliment your surfing experience, or a sunset meditation to calm the mind. We include trips to our favorite local hangs, and some carefully selected extras to make your stay just that little more special. 

You’ll be introduced to the concept of Surf Specific Fitness, and Apnea or (Breath Hold) Training to improve your confidence in and out of the water. 

While our creative yoga sequences will range from fun vinyasa flows, restorative yin-like classes and workshops to help you centre and truly enjoy the present moment on this tropical paradise. 


Bali is a surfing mecca, world renowned for its perfect waves and beautiful beaches, and a touch of magic hidden in the smiles, scents and rituals of its warm island people.

Our dream is to take your hand and share the secrets of mama Bali’s magic with you. 


Picture stunning crimson sunsets over crystal blue bays.

Peeling green waves over colourful coral reefs. 

Delicious fresh produce and the best of company. 


We believe in the power of the ocean's ability to help you recenter, regather and reconnect.

We believe we all deserve the chance to take a break. 

And most importantly we believe in you. 

Your ability to catch that wave, or try that handstand, or book that solo trip to a country you’ve never been to before.

We are beyond stoked to offer you the chance to feel the freedom that comes with letting go, and being taken care of. And trust us, you’re in the best of hands.



Pool House Single @ $1300usd 

Boutique Twin @ $990usd p/p 

Boutique Single @ $1150usd 

Tree Hut Twin (fan only) @ $850usd p/p


Tree Hut Single (fan only) @950usd


If there is any place Mel Pretorius knows well, it is the ocean. She has spent almost a decade sharing the art of wave riding with people from all over the world.

Her journey has led her to teach yoga and surfing in Australia, Mexico and the Maldives, and finally the past three years running retreats in Bali, her island home.

Her love for wave dancing is only matched by her love for the yoga practice, and she finds no greater joy than helping people connect with their breath and the water.




Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-11
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-8
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-19
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-8
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-8
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-3
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-4
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-5
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-13
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-7
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-2
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-4
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-7
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh-7
Salty Breeze X Yoga Koh
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