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YogaKoh teacher trainings follow the highest standard in yoga education. They are designed to help you understand and reach your highest potential. This one month training offers a certification at the 200hr level that enables you to register as an internationally recognized yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. This training in collaboration with Yalla Yoga will be held out of their home studio in Cairo, Egypt, an innovative social center serving as both a yoga educational institute and a healthy lifestyle community center.

Image by Omar Elsharawy

2023 DATES:


JULY 2 - 29


Located on the banks of the Nile River, Cairo, Egypt's capital, holds the special distinction of being home to the only one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still standing: the Great Pyramid, completed around 2540 B.C. It's part of a six-pyramid complex just outside the city on the Giza Plateau.

Cairo has long been a centre of the region's political and cultural life, and is titled "the city of a thousand minarets" for its preponderance of Islamic architecture.


Cairo is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and a city that has a bit of everything. Where ancient monuments meets the modernity of nowadays in a real rare experience. Beyond the modern scene, you will find history from ancient civilization for centuries.

The course will be held at Yalla Yoga, located in Heliopolis, a central location in the city. Yalla yoga is a social enterprise serving as both an educational institute, and a healthy lifestyle community. Yalla Yoga places a high value on providing a high quality of education in Yoga for those seeking to deepen their understanding of yogic philosophy and science. They are currently the only educational and training institute in Egypt to offer a high quality of yogic programs for various populations.

This training is for local residents as well as international yogis. 

Accommodation and meals are up to the student to arrange.

Cairo has a plethora of accommodation options as well as cafes  to choose from that suit all budgets! 

This course will meet Monday - Thursday from 5:30pm - 9:00pm

Friday and Saturday from 7:00am - 6:00pm

Sundays are days off

** The first Sunday July 2nd, will be an evening orientation **

International students will get the days Monday - Thursday to explore Cairo. We have great travel and site suggestions that will really allow you to see the country and soak in all that Egypt has to offer. 

Yalla Tree.HEIC



Training Course

Manuals and Certification 

1 offsite group dinner 

Post training Mentorship

Additional Costs:

guiding excursions to

cultural sites


The course meets Mon - Sat

Sundays will be off days

Monday - Thursday Schedule:

5:30pm - 7:00pm: Practice

7:00pm - 7:15pm: Small break

7:15pm - 9:00pm: Lectures

Friday + Saturday


7:00am - 9:00am: Practice

9:00am - 9:30am: Break

9:30am - 12:30pm: Lectures

12:30pm - 1:30pm: Lunch Break

1:30pm - 4:00pm: Lectures

4:00pm - 4:15pm: Small Break

4:15pm - 6:00pm: Practicum

xinia 7.jpeg


  • Full attendance. If something unexpected happens (illness, emergencies, etc) you can miss a maximum of 2 days of the training. In such cases you will have to make up for the time you missed. If you miss more than 2 days, you can join a following training with 50% discount to complete the course. 

  • Completion of all assignments and submitting them on time. 

  • Completion of a written exam at the end of the training. Passing grade to receive the certification is 75%.

  • Completion of the teaching practicum, which is leading yoga class to the public. 

  • Creating a full original 60 min. Yoga class.


  • 6 months of consistent yoga practice or a passionate curiosity. 

  • As this course will be taught in English must be proficient in reading, writing and speaking English. 

  • Completion of an application and interview with lead teacher

  • Trainees are required to take 5 Vinyasa classes (from 5 different teachers), and 5 non- vinyasa classes (such as, Kundalini, Iyengar, Hatha, Yin, etc) prior to the training, and take notes on these classes. Include in your notes what you loved about the class & teacher, what you didn’t like, musical choices if any, the teacher's energy, how they sequenced, adjustments, language, how the teacher moved about the room, did they demo, how your body felt during & after, and anything else that struck you. Please bring these notes with you to training.

  • Trainees are required to take 5 Ashtanga Yoga Classes, and familiarize themselves with the Primary Series. If students are unable to attend these classes in person they are able to find online options via online yoga sites, you tube or any other online research methods. 

  • Please download a version of the Primary Series and familiarize yourself with it before the course.  

  • A Pre-reading list will be sent out to you upon registration for the course


Teaching Team Egypt

Xinia Alderson

Lead Teacher

Xinia has found herself to be an absolute mind and body nerd. Over the past 15 years she has had extensive experience in the fields of dance, yoga, pilates, and performance coaching. She has had a steady yoga practice since 2006 and is continuously studying the practice.


She visits India regularly to study in Mysore with Ashtanga Guru Sharath Rangaswarmy, at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute and in 2017 received her blessing to teach the Ashtanga method: Authorisation level 2. 


In 2014 Xinia completed a Diploma in Yoga from the Wellpark Natural Therapies Collage in New Zealand. This integrated more Hatha yoga and therapy practices into her teachings and personal practice.


Her work has allowed her to teach internationally in Australia, Bali, Egypt, Singapore, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. She has acquired an E-RTY500 teachers status and is a registered Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider.

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Yalla Yoga.jpg

Merna Fawzy

Assistant Teacher

I'm a certified Yoga Teacher and Health Coach.

My journey as a full time Health Coach and Yoga teacher began when I decided to shift from what I used to do - Marketing - for my mental health and wellbeing, from there so many doors opened and I found that following my heart and doing things I am passionate about truly make me feel alive. Sometimes getting out of one's comfort zone uncovers a range of new experiences that one wouldn't have imagined; and I'm still on my journey to learn and experience more. 


Mindfulness and self-love are what I advocate for, and they are my approach in both my Health Coaching and Yoga class offerings. 

I can safely say that I teach yoga from the heart, I'm forever grateful to everything I learned from my teachers (and am still learning).  I believe in the impact the practice of yoga can have on people's lives, the same way that it impacted mine. 

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Training Cost for Local Residents

950 USD (Early Bird, by April 1st)

1100 USD (Standard Rate)

*does not include accommodation or meals

For Local Students a 5000 EGP deposit is required to hold your space and full tuition is due 30 days before.

Payment Plan offer:

450 USD - Pay over 3 months

250 USD - Pay over 6 months

*All payments must begin before the commencement of the training and end by the end of the training. In the event of payment plans not fulfilled, no certification will be issued.


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Yalla Yoga Kitchen
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Xinia Alderson
Xinia Egypt
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Each day begins with an intense 2 hr practice blending asana, pranayama, meditation and mantra. This is followed by a series of comprehensive lectures that will cover all varying topics:


Asana (posture labs)

Standing postures, Surya A, B, C, 

Backbends, Inversions, 

Arm Balances, Standing Balances

Seated postures, Twists, Forward Folds

Relaxation, Savasana


Pranayama / Breath awareness


Mudras and Mantras


Developing a personal practice (Sadhana)

Thai Massage



The Art of Teaching


Cues and alignment instruction of Asana

Safety in Teaching


Script Writing and Sequence Notation


Energy and how it relates to teaching

Pre-natal Yoga

Teaching to Absolute Beginners

Business of Yoga


Anatomy of the spine

Yoga Anatomy

Compression vs. tension

Cueing trends



Nervous System


Subtle Body Anatomy: Prana, Energetics, Koshas, 

Chakra system, Nadis, Gunas


History of Yoga

Lineage of Yoga

Yoga Sutras: Pada 1 + 2

8 Limbs of Yoga




Ethics of Yoga

Yoga beyond the mat


Daily Practice Teaching

Journaling / self-study


Feedback and assessment



Ellen - New Zealand

 I have been to university, had many professors, been on numerous courses, camps, workshops, clinics etc, and I have never seen a better teacher or facilitator than Xinia. 

The highest caliber knowledge base mixed with excellent timing, attention to detail, affirmation, high expectations, humility, professionalism, approachability, humour, skill, play fullness, and grit. She really got the most out of each student, and more importantly got  each student to get the most out of themselves. 

She brought each section of your very high quality curriculum to life. Every person on the course was extended, supported and filled with so much knowledge, and I think also a real desire to further themselves personally, and share genuinely what they have learned. 

Celine - France

I was not excepting to learn as much as I did.  Everything around the practice and the yoga history was so rich and interesting I am wondering how I could have keep practising without knowing all these essential informations.


I did this training for myself, to learn more about Yoga and for the experience outside of my daily life. I am going to improve my practice on the mat thanks to all I learned, I will change my vision on myself and what I want in my life, I will see differently so many things around me... Apart of the training, sharing this experience with others people was so powerful and living it in this beautiful country was even more special. I feel so grateful for this experience in my life

Alivia - USA

Thank you so much for providing a training like this. I truly feel confident in my journey of becoming a yoga instructor. The warmth of the program with the professionalism combined was beyond my expectations.

I genuinely found this program amazing and so inspiring. Everyday I was challenged but also very well supported from like-minded students and a very talented teacher.

I feel confident in my ability to put together a full class that is safe and effective for beginner students. The practice teaching aspect of the program was highly beneficial.

Terms and Conditions Egypt


Payment Terms and Conditions:

Payment is due as follows:


  • 500USD (strict, non refundable) to hold spot 
or 5000 EGP for locals.

  • Final payment due a minimum of 45 days prior to course start date
 unless you have a signed payment plan agreement with YallaYoga

Refund policies:

  • The applicant has carefully considered his/her ability to attend the event and understands that as soon as the deposit is made, YK will use the deposit to secure travel, lodging, meals, supervision and incidental expenses.  Accordingly, the deposit is non-refundable, and applicant hereby waives any right to a refund of the deposit.

  • If canceled up to 45 days before: The amount paid to date (beside non-refundable deposit)
    is refundable

  • If canceled under 45 days before: 25% refund of the amount paid to date (beside non-refundable deposit) is refundable

  • No refunds for cancellations after 14 days prior to the start of the course.

  • Please note that deposits are transferrable to another course.

Cancellation policies:

  • YogaKoh reserves the right to cancel or postpone the scheduled Yoga Teacher Training.

  • In the unlikely event that this occurs:

  • For a FULL CANCELLATION a full refund of the amount paid, including the deposit, will be returned to the client. 

  • Please note that the exact amount received will be returned in USD for international candidates. We are not responsible for the difference in exchange rates or bank fees from any payment

  • Please note that the exact amount received will be returned in EGP for local candidates. We are not responsible for the difference in exchange rates or bank fees from any payment

  • For a postponement a full refund of the amount paid, except the deposit, will be returned to the client, the deposit will be transferable to the next available event the client can attend, and honored without expiry. 




950 USD (Early Bird)

1100 USD

Payment Plan

$450 - Pay over 3 months

$220 - Pay over 6 months


All payments must begin before the commencement of the training and end by the end of the training. In the event of payment plans not fulfilled, no certification will be issued.


Payment methods:

Bank transfer (fees included)

  • Credit card (with 3% charge)

  • Please let us know your preferred payment method and we will give you the details.

The Course Fee Includes:

listed inclusions, all training manuals, exams and certification.

The Course Fee does NOT include:

Airfare, required pre-reading or digital subscription, transportation or activities outside of course date.


YogaKoh will not be responsible for refunds associated with flights, or any other personal costs toward the event. 

** We recommend trip / travel insurance to cover any potential disruptions.


We follow the health recommendations of the CDC and WHO and will stay up to date and act according to their recommendations.


We welcome both vaccinated and unvaccinated persons to our events, but students will need to follow the requirements of the country the course is being held in. 

We require ALL participants to receive a COVID-19 test prior to coming on a training.


If you are found to have a positive result within 72hrs before the course beings, you will have the option to join the training virtually while you recover or be given the option to transfer to another training. Due to this we recommend socially distancing and being conservative with your social interactions before the course begins.

If you test positive for COVID during the event, you will need to quarantine, and will be able to join the training virtually. There will be no refund, but you will be able to transfer to another course if you think that will be the best for you.

We will check temperatures upon arrival. If you have a high temperature or are feeling unwell, you will need to take a COVID test before joining the group. ​​

YogaKoh is not responsible for any lost costs associated with travel or with COVID requirements.

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