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We invite you to join our Koh-mmunity

YogaKoh was born from a collective of people who met on a journey of exploring life through their passions of yoga, movement, travel, surf and connection.

The founders of YogaKoh have spent many years traveling the world seeking connection to cultures and lands near and far.


"Koh" itself has many meanings across the globe. "Koh" means "island" in Thai, "mountain" in Hindi and "assembly" in certain Indian texts, representing the love we have for the oceans and the mountains and bringing people together.

We at YogaKoh believe in helping all people connect to their inner truths by providing a Koh-mmunity that supports each other.

Come join us for a retreat, workshopyoga teacher training or as a co-host in one of our premiere international destinations and help us grow our Koh-mmunity. We invite you to join our tribe!   

Join our tribe!

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