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Weekend Format

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

APRIL 16th - JUNE 27th

YogaKoh and Trishine are teaming up for this Sydney based, weekend format yoga teacher training. Elevate your knowledge and reach your goals during this ten week training. Work toward receiving a certification at the 200hr level that enables you to register as an internationally-recognized yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance.

We can't wait to share this time and space with you. 

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April 16th - June 27th

Weekend Format


Fridays 5:30PM - 8:30PM

Saturdays 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Sundays 8:00AM - 5:00PM


YogaKoh teacher trainings follow the highest standard in yoga education. They are designed to help you understand and reach your highest potential. This three month weekend format training offers a certification at the 200hr level that enables you to register as an internationally-recognized yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance. So what is yoga? And what does it really mean to say you practice yoga?


In three months we will take an introspective look into those questions by exploring all the different layers of the practice. 


The training is focused on the Vinyasa format of sequencing but draws much of its teachings from traditional Ashtanga,  Hatha and Iyengar lineages.  Claire Perry, Trishine’s director will be the lead teacher on this training, along with a team of qualified and experienced teachers who together create a gifted group of yogis to lead you through this journey. 


The training will be held in full at Trishine Studio, located in Maroubra, Sydney. This newly renovated space is drenched in sunlight with 3 different training rooms, and fully equipped with everything you will need to enhance your training experience. Steps away from markets, new and upcoming cafes, a huge parking garage and only a short walk to the beach this location is the perfect environment to take on such an incredible month of learning. 


We understand that 3 months is a just the beginning to take on the vast amount of information that comprises yoga. Therefore we hold a high standard of commitment and don’t hold back in delivering content as we have no doubt that every student has the ability to learn, grow and evolve into their highest potential when knowledge is at their fingertips.  This will be the beginning of a lifelong journey, and we will set a solid foundation for you to come back to and a family that you can always call upon.


Space is limited as we accept a maximum of 16 students each course in order to ensure personalized attention and create the most effective learning environment. 

Meals are up to the student to arrange.

Maroubra has a plethora of cafes and markets to choose from that suit all budgets!

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Training Course

Manuals and Certification 

Post training Mentorship

Opening Ceremony

Graduation Dinner

FREE Info Session

Saturday, March 20th

11:00AM -1:00PM


Apr 16/17/18

Apr 23/24/25

May 30/1/2

May 7/8/9

May 14/15/16 (OFF)

May 21/22/23

May 28/29/30

June 4/5/6

June 11/12/13 (OFF)

June 18/19/20

June 25/26/27


Meet Your Head Teacher:


Claire's quest is to guide others divine light to SHINE; discovering a deeper perspective, and honoring all aspects that are uniquely your own.

She delights in supporting others to feel empowered, and create a transformation.


Discovering yoga while she was pursuing musical theater in New York it helped her find comfort and balance in her life. Claire started as a spin instuctor in 2015, then completed her 200hr yoga teacher training through YogaWorks, continuing her eagerness to learn she trained in Barre, Sculpt, and Reformer through Balanced Body.


She’s gone on to mentor yoga and Pilates teacher trainings around the world, finding it the most valuable experience to train future trainers to excel in their craft.


Traveling from California, Claire and her sweetheart Dusty moved to Australia in December of 2018, eventually leading to the evolution to Tri Shine Wellness in June 2020.

Constantly encouraging others on their path to wellness, she’s here to share the SHINE. Claire Perry's warm charisma has the power to cultivate positive change.

Learn More about TRISHINE here

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Early Bird Pricing

$3,750 before March 20th

Regular Pricing

$4,250 before April 17th

Payment Plan ($550 per 2 weeks)

paid in full by June 6th

Deposit $550 to reserve spot


**Pricing includes 3 months unlimited yoga classes at Tri Shine studio**



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What sets us apart is our strong focus on anatomy and our ability to seamlessly blend the philosophy of the East with the most up to date research from the West.


We deliver this in a way that easy to understand and pass on to your students. Becoming a teacher with YogaKoh is becoming a teacher with a difference.


We are setting a new standard of yoga education making sure our students are ready and capable of passing on this practice safely.


You’ll learn about how yoga affects your nervous system, how it can protect your joints when done with care, why we sequence the way we do, what to look out for in your students and how to prevent injuries.


We will encourage you to find your full potential and we can ensure our students leave the training fully equipped to teach.


We give you all the tools to lead a safe, creative and inspired yoga class.

It is our promise to you that our teachers will always remain students! Absorbing and learning along side you. Continuing their education so they can stay on the pulse of knowledge and offer you the most up to date research and discoveries. 

No, we do not claim to be Guru's but we do live authentically in this practice and teach from a place of experience and honesty.

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Aurelie Poles

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Brigitte Keijzer

My experience with the YogaKoh teacher training  has been absolutely amazing thanks to the great person and teachers of this course. They  have made sure that everyone felt super comfortable the whole training and that we were ready to teach a yoga class at the end of the course. I would recommend to everyone to take a YTT with YoagKoh - it has been a life changer for me!

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Al Hogarth

I feel so privileged to have trained with YogaKoh. The people that work there are beautiful souls committed to supporting the students throughout and it was always a pleasure to arrive knowing who was going to be greeting you each day and the space one was going to inhabit for that time. 

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Emma Gubbins

My 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with YogaKoh was one of the best experiences of my life. My head teachers were superb, the best I could ever have asked for. I learnt an incredible amount in such a short space of time with her lead and feel 100% competent and confident to teach Yoga. The staff were incredibly professional, helpful, hospitable and overall completed my incredible experience. I will be forever grateful for the time I spent with all of them and for the work they put in to make the studio so accommodating for our Yoga Teacher Training.