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FEB 5th - 27th, 2021

Working toward your 300hr Certification?


Welcome! We are beyond excited to have you join us for a learning experience that we have been passionate about for years. Throughout this module, we’ll dive into what mobility is, how it can be expressed, and how to train it most efficiently. We will explore the basic principles of neuroplasticity that form the foundation for mobility work and discuss how the science of the brain is integral to understanding the function of the body.

From there, we will look at applying the principles and specifics of mobility training to the ways in which we traditionally teach asana, and the particular challenges of introducing mobility training to students who are used to exploring and expressing movement in different ways. 

This course will count toward 30hr of the YogaKoh 300hr YTT as well as 30hrs toward Continuing Education hours, both recognized through Yoga Alliance.


It’s no secret that the world of yoga is rapidly changing. Biomechanics are dispelling a number of beliefs yoga teachers have long had about postural alignment. And an increasing number of alignment cues are proving to be outdated.


You've probably been told at one point or another not to bend the knee past the ankle -- but why? Does it really injure the knee? Is there a way to bend the knee past the ankle that would prove not only safe, but beneficial?


In this 30-hour module you will learn how to break the rules of yoga alignment, liberate yourself from repetitive movement patterns, and uncover your body’s natural intelligence.


You’ll use a range of techniques and modalities to challenge your mobility, balance, strength, skill, and adaptability. You'll discover a greater potential, while increasing your embodied awareness.


There will be labs on cue refinement, using props to fortify your joints and enhance your practice, and exercises where you will integrate unconventional asana movements into your sequencing. You’ll even discover why bending the knee past the ankle is a great thing after all!


Your comfort zone will be challenged. You will experience how different movement patterns support a strong and stable asana practice. And by the end of it, you’ll understand how you — and your students — can move well.




This 30hr Online Module will be taught through a combination of pre-recorded lectures, LIVE classes, LIVE Q+A, and independent study.

Taught over the course of 3 weeks there will be a 3 LIVE sessions a week held on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. Each LIVE session will last for 2.5 hrs. 

Between LIVE sessions there will be assigned Pre-Recorded lectures, to watch at your own convenience as well as assignments to complete.

There will also be a group forum where you will have access to your teachers and fellow students to ask questions, and continue conversations.

All course content will be emailed to you prior to the start date of the module.

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Requirements to receive the certification:

  • Opening ceremony attendance

  • Viewing of all video lectures

  • Attending a minimum of one LIVE session a week, (all session must be viewed, so will need to watch the recording of any missed sessions)

  • Completion of all assignments, readings, and manual work

  • Presentation of the final practicum

  • Final test 

  • Purchase the required reading:

    • The Brain That Changes Itself -- Norman Doidge

  • For credit toward the 300hr certification you must first apply here



Feb 5th - Feb 27th

1hr Opening Ceremony Friday Feb 5th

2.5hr LIVE sessions Sat's / Sun's / Wed's 

and Pre-recorded lecture independent study


** all sessions listed will run for 2.5hrs with the exception of Feb 5th, which will run for 1hr


  • Fri Feb 5th: 9amEST / 3pmCET

  • Sat Feb 6th: 9amEST / 3pm CET

  • Sun Feb 7th: 9am EST / 3pm CET

  • Wed Feb 10th: 12pmEST / 6pm CET

  • Sat Feb 13th: 9amEST / 3pm CET

  • Sun Feb 14th: 9am EST / 3pm CET

  • Wed Feb 17th: 9am EST / 3pm CET

  • Sat Feb 20th: 9am EST / 3pm CET

  • Sun Feb 21st: 9am EST / 3pm CET

  • Wed Feb 24th:  Exam

  • Sat Feb 27th: 9am EST / 3pm CET

    • FINAL Live Session / Closing

** If you are unable to make these LIVE

sessions due to timezone differences please email us here **



For teachers or practitioners dedicated to a higher standard of learning and are looking to deepen their knowledge.

  • Are you looking to expand your cueing, and understand the ‘why’ behind your instruction?

  • Are you curious to learn more about mobility and how it relates to the yoga practice?

  • Are you interested in experiencing how that ‘other movement stuff’ supports a strong and stable practice?

  • Are you feeling stagnant in your asana practice and in need of inspiration that will help reveal your further movement potential?

  • Are you hoping to introduce new techniques into your personal practice to develop a new level of awareness?

  • Are you in need of 30hrs Continuing Education to stay updated on your teaching accreditation

  • Are you in pursuit of your 300hr certification through YogaKoh?


If the answer was ‘YES’ to at least one of these questions,

this module  is for you!!


MODULE COST: $625usd

* all inclusive of course content and certification

* all major credit cards are accepted

* to enquire about a different payment method email us here

* YogaKoh grads will receive a 10% discount



YogaKoh offers a few partial scholarship opportunities to people who plan to attend this program. A certain number of scholarships are reserved for interested members of the BIPOC community. Other scholarship awards are for candidates who have a financial need as well as individuals who will help bring diversity into the Teacher Training program. 


We believe a yoga koh-mmunity that is reflective and inclusive of our global family is the way forward. 


All scholarship requests must be received by January 10th, 2021


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