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|30 - HOUR|


August 28 - September 3rd

Working toward your 300hr Certification?


So you’ve discovered your hands 🖐



You’ve been playing around for awhile and have really started to find your balance. 



You notice that you are staying up there longer and longer. 



You realize there is something magical about flipping your world upside down and checking things out from a different perspective.



You even enjoy the full brain squeeze required to put together the puzzle of how to achieve such feats .



And now... you’re ready for more! 



Welcome to our 30hr Inversion 2.0 immersion, designed to take you to your next level of flight.



This in-person immersion will count toward 30hr of the YogaKoh 300hr YTT, as well as Continuing Education hours, both recognized through Yoga Alliance.


How often do you step outside of your comfort zone?

Are you willing to try something new?

To be humble enough to take on something challenging?

To fail.

To fall.

With the hope, but without the certainty, that one day you will fly?


Our physical yoga practice constantly challenges us to face and confront the self-limiting beliefs we maybe even unknowingly have bestowed upon ourselves.


So called markers of our capabilities.

But in actuality hinderances to our potentialities.


You are capable of ANYTHING, you set your mind too.

And then; yoga asks us to practice with the utmost effort and discipline without any expectation of our results.

We keep coming back to the mat. 

The constant practice, the letting go, the working hard, the showing up, the being brave, the sweaty brow, the sore body, the challenged mind. All in the name of growth.

It's no secret that the ever mysterious handstand intrigues even the most seasoned yogi. There is always something else to learn, to master, to pursue, and yup... we are hooked.

This 6 night 7 day in person immersion held in beautiful Hawaii will explore the inner workings of not only your body, but also your mind. Taking your inversion practice to the next level by way of strength training, mobility work, conditioning, subtle body investigation, the breath, meditation, workshop creation and the most important PLAY.

Repeat. Positively affirming.

Knowing this truth to the deepest parts of you.

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This 30hr Inversion Immersion will be held in person.

Taught over 6 days you will cover an array of of topics that will help you dive deeper into your inversion practice as well as develop your confidence.

The day begins with a 2 hour practice, and is followed by a series of lectures that address technique, anatomy, subtle body investigation as well as 'developing your own workshop'.

The training will be held in Hawaii (Oahu) and is an all inclusive experience.

  • 6 nights accommodation on beach front property

  • Catered Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  • Airport Transfers

  • Opening / Closing Ceremonies

  • Certification for 30hr CE recognzied through Yoga Alliance

  • Hike in National Parks

  • Daily Beach Time

  • Outing to North Shore


Requirements to receive the certification:

  • 100% attendance

  • Completion of all assignments, readings, and manual work

  • Presentation of the final practicum ​which is creating your own workshop

  • Purchase the required reading:

  • For credit toward the 300hr certification you must first apply here



August 28th - Sept 3rd 2021

CHECK IN -  August 28th 

(arrive into Oahu and take shuttle to location)


  • 7am - 9:00am -> Morning practice 

  • 900 - 11 -> Breakfast break

  • 11 - 1:30 -> Lecture / Workshop

  • 1:30 - 2:30 -> Lunch Break 

  • 2:30 - 4:30 -> Afternoon lecture

  • 4:30 -5  -> Closing Play Time 

CLOSING - Morning of September 3rd

(that is also check out day so shuttles back to airport will be provided by 11am)


** This course will be available ONLINE at a later date, for interest about that email here **


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


For teachers or practitioners dedicated to a higher standard of learning and are looking to deepen their knowledge.

  • Are you looking to train your handstands 

  • Are you curious to learn more about mobility and how it relates to inversions?

  • Are you interested in experiencing how the breath and mind play a part in going upside down?

  • Are you feeling stagnant in your asana practice and in need of inspiration that will help reveal your further movement potential?

  • Are you hoping to introduce new techniques into your personal practice to develop a new level of awareness?

  • Are you in need of 30hrs Continuing Education to stay updated on your teaching accreditation?

  • Are you in pursuit of your 300hr certification through YogaKoh?


If the answer was ‘YES’ to at least one of these questions,

this module  is for you!!



SHARED XL TWIN (indoor)- $1800usd

SHARED XL TWIN (glamping)- $1900usd

PRIVATE QUEEN (indoor)- $2200usd

PRIVATE QUEEN (glamping)- $2000usd

* All inclusive of room+board, inclusions, and certification

* YogaKoh grads will receive a 10% discount


YogaKoh offers a few partial scholarship opportunities to people who plan to attend this program. A certain number of scholarships are reserved for interested members of the BIPOC community. Other scholarship awards are for candidates who have a financial need as well as individuals who will help bring diversity into the Teacher Training program. 


We believe a yoga koh-mmunity that is reflective and inclusive of our global family is the way forward. 


All scholarship requests must be received by July 28th



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Cecily, or better known as Cici, is a native of North Carolina and has been a student of Yoga since late 2013. She grew up as an athlete, with a lot of time spent upside-down,  but it wasn't until her early twenties that she finally gave yoga a fair try. Once she found her way to a Vinyasa class, she was hooked. 

Teaching didn't cross her mind until years later, though, when life showed its fragility in a way that flipped her world upside down and ignited a desire to make some serious changes to her life-style. So naturally, she quit her job, sold all her things, and moved to Bali to fully submerse into the practice. 

She landed on an incredible Teacher Training with Jolie Manza, and has been on a mission to keep learning and sharing ever since. After receiving her cert, Cici went back to teach full time in North Carolina and has hosted yoga retreats, workshops, and other events around the world. 

Her teaching focuses on linking movement with breath, but in a slow + anatomically-sound fashion which most of the West so desperately needs. Though careful not to stray too far from tradition, she aims to blend certain attributes from all her favorite Yogic styles (Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, + Yin) when crafting her classes so that they always feel unique. 

Cici is full of gratitude for the opportunity to join in on future Yoga-Koh trainings, and be a part of the Koh-mmunity that has always supported and helped fuel her passion. 

Check out Cici's retreat company Meraki Yoga Trips

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